Andrew Roman, EX ORIENTE LUX, II

I have attended a large number of heroes
and a few wise men – 
this Greek has taught me the method.
Here I am writing and stirring indecisions :
mystery grows on pedestals in public gardens.
Here is the philosopher teaching us the dilemma,
converting everything (horror and ignorance even)
into paradise.
And void, the presentment of glory
is floating at random.
Differences ferment
and devoid of hope
we turn into prophets against our wishes.
Who can still bear his own nakedness
and wisdom?
I’m practicing on the shameless controversial smile
imposing itself alarmingly
under the star of prosperity.
On bent knees I watch the future
getting closer with the indifference of perfection.
That is how the night starts
with lips wandering
on hot sands,
until I open the windows wide
and probe into desolation.